Lecture Slides

Here are lecture slides that accompany Algorithms, 4th Edition.

0 Introduction
1.1 Programming Model
1.2 Data Abstraction
1.3 Stacks and Queues Dijkstra 2-stack
1.4 Analysis of Algorithms Binary search
1.5 Case Study: Union Find Quick-find   Quick-union   Weighted
2.1 Elementary Sorts Selection   Insertion   h-sorting   Knuth shuffle
2.2 Mergesort Merging
2.3 Quicksort Partitioning   Quick-select
2.4 Priority Queues Heap   Heapsort
3.1 Elementary Symbol Tables
3.2 Binary Search Trees BST
3.3 Balanced Search Trees 2–3 tree   Red–black BST   GrowingTree
Geometric Applications of BSTs Kd tree   Interval search tree
3.4 Hash Tables Separate chaining   Linear probing
3.5 Searching Applications
4.1 Undirected Graphs DFS   BFS   Connected components
4.2 Directed Graphs DFS   BFS   Topological sort   Kosaraju–Sharir
4.3 Minimum Spanning Trees Greedy   Kruskal   Prim
4.4 Shortest Paths Dijkstra   Acyclic   Bellman–Ford
5.1 String Sorts Key-indexed counting   String sorts
5.2 Tries Trie   TST
5.3 Substring Search KMP   Substring search
5.4 Regular Expressions NFA simulation   NFA construction
5.5 Data Compression Huffman   LZW
6.4 Maximum Flow Ford–Fulkerson
Linear Programming Simplex